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New weighing scale for hotels

New weighing scale for hotels

Please meet the SCALA weighing scale for hotels, the most environmentally friendly choice in bathroom scales. It uses magnetic friction to automatically charge itself, meaning there is no need for batteries. Highlights Interested in this beautiful weighing scale for hotels? Ask for a quote.

Emerald Maldives selected the B-TRAY

We are delighted that we were able to supply our luxury SUPREME hospitality tray with 1 litre STYLE kettle with UK-plug to the 5-star deluxe Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa. Built to blend in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, Emerald Maldives combines tropical scenery with modern design, creating atmospheres of natural and informal elegance. …

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Improved ironing centre for hotel guestrooms by B-TRAY

Improved size ironing centre

Since the demand for compact hotel room supplies is growing more and more, we decided to redesign our existing SMOOTH ironing centre and make it even more compact (smaller ironing board and iron organizer). The new dimensions are: W33 x D24 x H119.2cm (closed) and W107.5 x D33 x H79.2-95.2cm (open).

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